Robert D. Johnson, Managing Partner and CEO

Robert has over 30 years experience as both an asset investor and a venture capitalist, and it was through his investment network relationships, and his long standing partnership with Scot Skinner, that he became aware of retail Forex investing, and Algo trading as a wider arena, more than 10 years ago. Robert has overseen the capitalization of Algo AI and developed its strategic partnerships since the project’s inception. Robert leads Algo AI’s client strategy with a strong emphasis on growth and asset management providing experienced business management in the relatively young sector of automated trading.

PH: 214-450-2148 


Scot Skinner, Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Scot is the prime architect behind the award winning DAISY management system framework of Algo AI, derived from over 10 years experience in the Algorithmic trading arena. He has designed, managed, and supervised several iterations of Algo AI’s technical history deploying more than 4 distinct trading platforms for both Forex and other dynamically traded environments (commodities, indexes, options). You can learn more about Scot and connect with him on LinkedIn.

PH:  214-450-2148