A New Trading Framework

The automated trading systems that Algo AI has designed, developed, and deployed over its 9 years of testing, form a new trading system framework which, when combined with alternative, or even competitive trading systems, renders each strategy it connects with more effective at producing investor returns and/or protecting investor capital. Our platform provides a way for trading systems to become safer and more profitable, by employing a unique artificial intelligence framework that consistently improves trading results over time.

Algo AI is a software systems integrator with over 10 years of development providing an intelligent high frequency capable software framework for Algorithmic trading in all dynamic environments including Forex, Commodities and Indexes, and any trading environment where sufficient assets are under management.

Its value to investors, managed funds, and institutional licensees, is to provide a framework which allows trading to more effectively protect capital and achieve safe returns by utilizing a vast network of strategies in a vast library of algorithms (over 7500 and counting) to bring a cohesive portfolio management system to the trading arena. Much as traditional portfolio management did historically, Algo AI’s technology provides investors with oversight and control to properly spread risk and diversification to the trading objectives, as they are set by each investor group.

Algo AI does not solicit investor funds nor does it invest on behalf of investors.  Algo AI’s technology is strictly available through licensed brokerages, funds and institutions.

Charting for our PAMM during the flash crash.

Look at the charting below notice read how many traders and Brokers including ALPARI UK have closed their doors based on this Black Swan and we made alpha during the flash crash,  our automated trading system did exactly what it was meant to do and manage through a disaster with the assistance of" Daisy " your personal assistant and come out protecting your capital and make a profit.