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"Among new entrants to the money management sector is Algo Ai Strategies and its Daisy artificial intelligence computer system. Having previously focused on marketing its services directly to retail customers, Algo Ai Strategies has recently begun to offer their money management services to brokers as a white label product. Representing one of their white labels, the group behind Algo Ai Strategies was one of the most active exhibitors during last November’s Forex Magnates London Summit..."

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Algo AI Strategies LTD is a 100% automated trading system integration firm designed to offer clients a multitude of trading options to produce optimal returns on their investment within the tailored system set up just for their specific needs and risk appetite through the broker of their choice or one of our preferred brokers utilizing a MAM account structure. 

Harnessing the latest technology and AI, the Algo AI Strategies LTD system operates in excess of 1500 quant algorithms. All of the algorithms are running simultaneously in the live markets and being constantly rated with live trades being deployed by the Electronic Managers and Electronic Supervisors for optimum decisions as to the opening, size and closing of each trading sequence as market conditions are changing. 
Our system trades in a medium to high frequency mode with a set risk factor that the system cannot exceed at any given time. The artificial intelligence will keep clients informed of any and all account data they would like via text. 

Algo AI Strategies LTD does not except client funds. We believe a client should never loose identity with their funds so we have a monthly high watermark profit split agreement based on the clients individual brokerage account statement. If the client does not make money nor does Algo AI Strategies LTD. Since the accounts are in the clients name Algo AI Strategies does not have a lock down period on funds, clients control their individual accounts. 

Charting for our PAMM during the flash crash.

Look at the charting below notice read how many traders and Brokers including ALPARI UK have closed their doors based on this Black Swan and we made alpha during the flash crash,  our automated trading system did exactly what it was meant to do and manage through a disaster with the assistance of" Daisy " your personal assistant and come out protecting your capital and make a profit.