Algo AI provides investors a unique opportunity to grow their capital, create cash flow, and preserve their investment.

Algo AI does not solicit investors nor does it accept individual investor funds. It’s automated, managed trading software is only available to individual investors through the international forex and commodity brokerages which have integrated the Algo AI system into their client offerings. This offers investors the opportunity to benefit from Algo AI’s software to trade their accounts with professional management, while maintaining full control of their own capital, just as they would with any brokerage account they were trading on their own.

Each brokerage is governed by their respective legal and regulatory framework in their home country and all agreements between investors and the brokerage are governed by those entities. If you would like to learn about which brokerages are offering the Algo AI service, please contact us.

Managed Funds and Prop Houses

As a fund manager, you have a mandate to expand opportunities to grow capital and provide solid, safe, investor returns. Algo AI offers a framework for you to achieve these objectives through a proven, automated, high frequency trading system that identifies multiple opportunities for your fund’s safe returns in forex, precious metals, commodities, and indexes.

At Algo AI, the constant focus of our engineering is on creating a smooth equity growth curve that avoids the high growth, high risk swings that are simply too risky for professional fund management.  Through a unique and proprietary system of checks and balances, operating in high frequency and with the ability to self-correct inside live trading, Algo AI is uniquely positioned to assist your fund’s objectives.

Algo AI technology can be provided through any traditional brokerage of your own choosing and in any combination of financial instruments. Just contact us for an interview and we can design a custom application for you.

Institutional Licensing - Improve Your Own Trading Results Using Our Framework

Algo AI is more than a successful trading system. It is an entire trading framework which monitors, supervises and enhances the performance of 1000’s of individual live and automated trading strategies using a combination of the most advanced artificial intelligence and traditional portfolio management theory.

Our trading framework is available, on a limited basis, in a licensing model for funds and institutions that wish to combine Algo AI’s program with their own trading and have more customized, granular control of risk and trading objectives and with any feed or brokerage house of their choosing. Licensees have the right to use all of Algo AI’s portfolio of trading strategies, in combination with their own, or simply use our framework exclusively with their own strategies, or any weighted combination of both. As a managed framework, the system will manage and automate both live and automated trading strategies together, in any combination. It can also be applied to any trading instrument, with the requisite AUM.

There is simply no other system in the world that offers this capability