Algo AI’s technology is an evolution in trade investing that provides investors, prop houses and institutions with an award-winning artificial intelligent framework (known as DAISY) for improving the performance and safety of both live and automated trading.

It not only enjoys the benefit of smart, safe, capital-preserved returns, on virtually any trading platform, and in trading of any financial instrument. It also intelligently automates portfolio management and trade oversight as it safely executes trades in high frequency (HFT). Its performance provides investors with consistent, steady returns while strategically preserving its base capital, especially valuable in Forex, Options, Commodities, and all other dynamic trading.

Any system that provides such success is in and of itself a breakthrough as the investing world is hungry for reliable automated systems that can provide safe returns in high frequency. But what makes Algo AI’s technology so indispensable is its ability to enhance the success of any other trading system it connects with. Through our licensing model, institutions, hedge funds and prop houses can take Algo AI’s unique software framework  in-house to further enhance the results of their existing trading, both live and automated. An Algo AI backtest can easily demonstrate these conclusions in as little as 4 hours.

These results are possible because Algo AI is significantly more than an automated trading system. It is an automated (and intelligently managed) portfolio system. DAISY employs more than 7500 individual trading strategies that are sorted and grouped into a series of distinctly managed trade groups. Each portfolio strives to compete with the other portfolios in the group by constantly rebalancing its member strategies in order to maximize return while lowering risk and volatility through a series of checks and balances. The objective is to seed the portfolios with as much variety as possible while reducing correlation. This diversity, combined with the quantity of strategies in play, fuels the performance of each individual portfolio to maximum effect. Each portfolio’s performance is then treated as an input to a final portfolio of portfolios (as in a fund of funds). The management algorithm for this final portfolio primarily looks to smooth performance as its primary objective.

The trading infrastructure is self-managing, self-correcting, and self-healing. In fact, one of the hallmarks and distinctions of the DAISY management system is that it replaces the limiting technology of Stop Loss and Take Profit settings and replaces it with its own internal dynamic trade execution and trade exit system, even allowing to change course within a live trade, as market conditions require, and all of it is managed and executed in real time.

Algo AI’s framework is the next step in intelligent managed (AI) trading, suitable for both live and automated trading systems.